You have the power to make an impactbut only if you understand your leadership edge.

There’s a $42 billion dollar self-help industry banking on you to not tap into your ICONIC Identity.

You have these gorgeous, yearning parts of you that need to come home.
You dream of feeling like the confident leader others say you are, but it feels impossible.

You don't know how to use your greatest strengths to your advantage.
You’re unsure of which aspects of yourself to prioritize, or even how to go about doing it.

You don't know what ‘shoes’ to wear for this journey.
You have difficulty deciphering which roles fit with your identity and abilities, confusing the process further.

But what if you could undo all of the unknowing?

What if you could discover the identity that you can step into that builds on your greatest strengths, and activates the most powerful version of yourself?

What if by knowing your ICONIC Identity you’d be able to attract more of the right people to your work, your message, and your mission to create the kind of impact you are here to make?



ICONIC Identity

A Two-part Workshop
Designed To Unveil Your Leadership Edge



What if the highest version of yourself has been staring you in the mirror all along? 

The ICONIC Identity Workshop is designed to help you to discover who you are at your most powerful, most aligned and most congruent so that you can step out into your starring role, like the ICON you are.

My mission is to make sure that when you leave the ICONIC Identity Program, not only do you understand who YOU are but also what impact YOU can have on the world.

"I felt like I was out of touch with myself, my business, and my relationship to my potential to fulfill my dreams was strained. Through Tanya's program, I have learned that I do have what it takes to make my business dreams real, and that I can do it in a way that feels good. Aligned and true and in integrity. I have learned how to create and launch an online program that gets results and feels good. I have learned that my impact starts within me. I feel a deeper sense of inner peace and calm around my business."
- Amie Ritchie

"Working with you really does change your life. It was tough, don't get me wrong; it may sound corny, but it really does change your life. It changed mine. There are a million different reasons why we feel trapped mentally and in life. For me, it was doubt, fear and insecurity. There is no more fantastic gift than helping someone find and learn to save themselves. I learned that no one could save me except for me. Once I found myself again, it all came together." 
- Felicia Scott

“Tanya has this uncanny gift of being able to look into your head and heart and reflect back to you exactly what's holding you back. Many times over, she's helped me identify the core of why I'm avoiding the limelight or my fears around being seen. She does all of this in a way that brings a knowing and confidence that makes you feel like you have superpowers after she cracks you wide open.”
 - Maggie Patterson


Who is ICONIC Identity for?


  • Coaches, entrepreneurs, and leaders who are clear they are here to make a significant change in the world through their work.

  • Change makers who are ready to start owning their greatness, with confidence, clarity, and consistency. And are ready to welcome the impact (and income!) that comes along with doing so.

  • Get their world-changing work in the world by interrupting self-doubt within themselves (and those they teach, manage, parent, mentor, or coach) with more discernment and alignment.

  • Folks who find themselves languishing on this side of their desires or can’t get into consistent action


And even more specifically:


  • The marketer who hedges on their own marketing.

  • The coach filled with self-doubt and fearful their clients will find out they have self-doubt.

  • The writer, unsure if they have anything worth writing.

  • The business owner, afraid of the wild success that is just around the corner.

  • The leader who is stalling out on big culture-shifting decisions because of huge bouts of uncertainty.

  • The visionary whose vision has been shrouded by the Imposter Complex.

  • And on a more personal note, the parent, the partner, the sibling, the friend constantly trying to do more because they are afraid that what they do is never enough. 

What You Can Expect When You Know Who You Are

  • You will no longer be stuck in comparison, procrastination, diminishment, people-pleasing, leaky boundaries, and perfectionism, but rather know how to mine their golden shadow.

  • You will be feeling more focused than ever, and excited about your mission and who you get to serve.

  • You will start to call your clients and team forth to their greatness with the certainty and confidence that takes THEM to their next level (and beyond). And you’ll do so with pure integrity, because you can show them how it’s done.

  • You will claim your expertise, own how you show up, and operate from your sovereignty.

  • Your newfound confidence and clarity will result in streamlined offerings, increased revenue and greater visibility.

  • You will consistently bring in more clients, gigs, and projects than you know what to do with, and choose to only say YES to your ideal clients.

  • You will raise your standards, your voice and your rates.

  • You will start to live in congruence with the ICON you know yourself to be, and the right messenger for the world-changing ideas you’ve been called to share.

"I knew I would learn a lot in the program, but I did not know I would grow so immensely."  - Natalie Stuart



For decades, my life’s work has been rich, deep, and wide.

I’ve been teaching Leaders how to step into their Starring Roles and Disruptors how to lead with ICONIC Impact.

AND the results have been astounding.

One thing that’s been made extremely clear to me is that folks need to know that they are already ICONIC.


With their divinely appointed gifts and strengths, AND WITH their perceived areas of weakness.
Not in spite of.

Now, the Imposter Complex does NOT want folks to know how ICONIC they are, as they are.
Which is precisely why I say you can’t spell ICONIC without IC.

(See that?)

The Imposter Complex WILL try to come for you as you’re starting to understand your ICONIC self, and it WILL disrupt you when you’re finally getting comfy there.

That’s just how it works.

And I am called to show you that.
I eat, sleep and dream of it.

And in those dreams, I’ve dreamt up ICONIC Identity which is devoted to helping folks like you become more of their ICONIC selves.

I’m building on 20 years of powerful courses, workshops, and programs, and inviting you to step into one formative and, like Emma says below, potentially life-shifting experience, where you can anticipate…

A gorgeous (and brave) space.
With gorgeous (and powerful) humans.
Doing gorgeous (and impactful) work.

Work that holds the key to unlocking the ICONIC impact you are here to create.

You don't have to struggle with discovering who you are or how to use your strengths and skills. With ICONIC Identities, we can bring out the best in you so that you can emerge as a thought leader and changemaker. All it takes is the willingness to go on this journey of self-discovery and break free from all the shackles of not knowing your true identity.

With ICONIC Identities, you will know exactly who you are - a powerful individual ready to make an impact in this world with their unique set of skills!

Are you ready?


Develop language around YOUR ICONIC Identity so you can make the impact you’re here for.

Rising up to meet the highest version of yourself, and seeing what ELSE rises up to meet you.

Becoming perfectly positioned to lead with ICONIC impact by starting from a rooted and aligned place.

The ability to identify and break through the barriers that are keeping you from reaching your potential.

The understanding of how to move past feelings of fear, self-doubt, or lack of confidence.

Owning the golden shadow that lives in your own behaviour and leveraging that into your unique and powerfully ICONIC way of creating impact.

Plus, you’ll walk away with a deeper sense of what your inner circle, clients, and cheerleaders see in you. And you’ll leave with a step-by-step plan that will support your desires in all aspects of your life and work.



Take advantage of this rare opportunity to discover your ICONIC Identity and take control of who you are and your personal brand. 

⭐️ Two live sessions with time for Q+A

⭐️ Workbook for deepened learning 

⭐️ Participants will have lifetime access to the recordings so they can go back and review the material at any time. 

 The first 20 registrations will receive a bonus 45-minute session with me. ($500 VALUE)

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"The Program provided a sacred space in which to remember who and what I am. Tanya's work is detailed, meticulous, and solid, and Tanya herself is a warm, fiercely intelligent, wildly generous partner. It's deep stuff; it will change your life if you let it. I am so grateful." - Emma Alvarez Gibson

“Tanya is the real deal. She has many superpowers, and one is really SEEING and understanding individuals -- meeting them where they are and then supremely pushing them outside their comfort zone in the best of ways, knowing they already have wings (disguised as shoulder blades) and are ready to fly.

Through this work...I was finally able to claim my own authority. But more than that is the mindset piece around finally stepping into my own power; and knowing I now get to help my clients do the same.

I am done playing small, hiding, and fearing failure. Life is too short and there is so much we can collectively do to improve the world we live in. I long to make a difference in this world, and through this work, I have the courage and bravery to put myself out there and do so. The impact of this work is that I now stand in my Sacred Power, and I help leaders and change makers stand in their Sacred Power as well -- so that they can lead with their whole selves and be the leaders they were always meant to be.” - Tricia Bolender

“I now have the courage to think bigger, knowing I have all the tools and skills needed to become the solution. And the impact will be one of sincere human connection (personally) and COLLECTIVE transformation (professionally). I finally have reverence for myself and because of that, I am able to occupy space (unapologetically). I now feel that the future and direction of my leadership is leading me to a destination that is assured.” ⁠- Cerise Sutton

“The content is rich and definitely worthwhile - plus [Tanya is] a very sparkly facilitator. The workshop had me zinging with lots of "yes!" moments. Definitely recommended to others that are seeking to clarify their leadership style, or are feeling challenged by the Impostor Complex and how it shows up in their life and business.” -Sian Bennett


The first 20 registrations will receive a bonus 45-minute session with me. ($500 VALUE)


Want to be first to hear when I open ICONIC Identity?

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